Voting Slip Collection

Important Message for National Representatives, District Delegates and Voting Delegates

Single District Countries

Multiple District Countries

Where and when Voting Slips may be collected

Only the designated person may collect Voting Slips at the following times and places:

Please arrange to distribute the Voting Slips to your delegates correctly and efficiently BEFORE the start of the Opening Ceremony – 0900 Thursday 12 April 2018.

This timing is most important to ensure your Voting Delegates have their necessary paperwork in time for the commencement of the Business Session. Failure to do so will result in your members being unable to cast the votes they are carrying.

Prior to departing for the IIW 2018 Convention it is the responsibility of every National Representative and District Delegate to:

Please Note
All Voting Delegates have a responsibility to collect the Voting Slips from the designated person at the designated meeting place on time. Please be considerate.

Deputies and substitutions will not be accepted on-site. Any changes to delegate names must be sent to IIW in advance of the event with a reason for the change.

The Stewards will do spot checks. If you are holding a booklet not in your name, the booklet will be taken from you and all the votes will be forfeited.