Home Hosting

Australia is waiting to welcome you and what better way to do so than to offer you the opportunity to be Home Hosted in the warm and friendly home of one of our members. We have members throughout Australia who are looking forward to hosting a delegate.

What we are offering

Pre- Convention – up to 3 nights on 8, 9 and/or 10 April 2018


Post – Convention – up to 3 nights 14/15, 16 and/or 17 April, 2018.

We cannot offer Home Hosting during the Convention.

Hosts are happy to accommodate Inner Wheel members travelling alone or married couples. Most hosts have indicated they can take 2 or 3 people but some are able to house more if needed.

What will happen

If you would like to be Home Hosted, please complete the Home Hosting section on the Registration Form. You will be contacted by our Home Hosting Coordinator, Pam Watkins, who will take your details. Your name will be given to a Host Member who will make contact with you and arrange your stay. For information on distance from where you are staying to the Convention City, Melbourne, please type the following website into your browser www.distancefromto.net/distancebetween-australia-cities.

You will see by the map and distances provided where the Convention will be held in comparison to your home stay location. It is important that you confirm your host allocation before making your flight details to Australia. All Capital Cities and some larger regional cities with the exception of Hobart, Tasmania, have International Airports and your hosts are willing to organise transport for you. We look forward to sharing our beautiful country with you. Your host will show you places of interest you may otherwise not have the opportunity to see.

Australia is a large country with lots to see and do. The below table shows you the distance between major cities in Australia.

From City To City Distnce (km) Flight time (estimate)
Melbourne Sydney 878 1hr 25min
Melbourne Brisbane 1,661 2hr 10min
Melbourne Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) 2,950 3hr 20min
Melbourne Hobart 720 1hr 15min
Melbourne Launceston 541 1hr 5min
Melbourne Darwin 3,753 4hr 25min
Melbourne Alice Springs 2,257 2hr 55min
Melbourne Uluru 2,321 3hr
Melbourne Perth 2,418 4hr 5min
Melbourne Adelaide 727 1hr 20min